Together the Zadeh family has stepped into an adventure of following Jesus and have accepted His invitation to join staff with Athletes in Action. Within AIA we will be reaching, serving and mentoring college, amateur and professional Athletes. 

Our family resonates with the mission of AIA to utilize the platform of sports to "Create Spiritual Movements Everywhere." A journey like this is never done alone. We are thankful for every person, family and organization that has partnered with us in this venture. 

Individually we can only do so much, but with a team there is potential for exponential Kingdom impact.

Through Athletes in Action we utilize the platform of sports to create lasting relationships with athletes. These athletes often times have no one asking them questions that go beyond the surface. Most people that interact with them are asking them for something. Our desire is to build relationships with them with "no strings attached". 

Our relationships with athletes are often in the following contexts: 

  • One on one connections
  • Team Bible Studies
  • Pre-Game Chapel services
  • Athletic Department focused Bible Studies