College Ministry

2017 - 2018 CSU ministry Launch

This year will be our 2nd year on the CSU campus facilitating ministry. Last year we were able to see the Lord grow our student leadership team from 4 people to 16. (Jesus QUADRUPLED the disciples on campus in one year!)

We have a very intentional and strong partnership with FCA within the athletic department at CSU. Our ministry is known as “Rams United” (United as ministries, united as athletes, united with Christ).

Pray for us as we start the new year. We are transitioning our ministry this year, instead of a weekly environment that the staff leads, we are going to do a 1x a month meeting to gather athletes from around CSU and then release our student leaders to lead small groups and disciple their teammates and other CSU athletes.

This summer we opened up our home on Tuesday nights to facilitate a weekly Bible Study as we walk our athletes through the New Testament book of Romans. We have looked at the story of the Apostle Paul, have talked about the core elements of the Gospel and what it means that Jesus died on The Cross for ALL people.
Our summer study is coming to an end as most of the athletes involved are

starting Fall Camp for their respective sports.

Over the next few weeks, our staff will be doing individual team meetings with our CSU Fall Sports. At this meeting, we offer watermelon to the athletes after practicing under the hot August sun and provide an opportunity for athletes to be involved by filling out a card. Our staff will spend the month of September following up with athletes that filled out cards. Recently my friend and mentor, Jeff Prior and our FCA director, Jason Smith did a team meeting with the CSU Football team on their new practice field. We had a number of athletes ask to be followed up with and the exciting part is that most of them are freshman who are new to CSU.

(Below is Reza speaking to the CSU football team) 

Reza speaking to CSU Football.jpg