The year 2076 pushes Allyson and I to share the Gospel with athletes

praying baseball player

What is going to matter in the lives of our athletes in 60 years? 

This question haunts, yet drives me when I think about getting involved in the lives of athletes. For 100% of the collegiate student-athletes we work with through Athletes in Action there will be life after their sport. Some will go on to compete on a professional or international level, but the majority of them will finish out their eligibility, graduate from college and become a contributing part of society. We believe that our role with Athletes in Action is an opportunity to help these athletes see their lives differently and come alongside of them as they learn to walk with Jesus for a lifetime. 

As I think of what “success” looks like for Team Zadeh in AIA, I have concluded that “success” is rooted in Psalm 78:4 "

"We will not hide (the truths of God)  from (the) children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done."

We have determined that “success” means that the athletes we work with for their 4-5 years in college will be compelled through the Holy Spirit to enjoy a lifelong relationship with Jesus where 60 years from now they are telling their Grandkids about the abundant life Jesus offered them and how they learned about walking with Jesus as a college athlete. 

They may share their “war” stories from the field, court, track or pool. They may show their grandkids their trophies or medals. But quite honestly I have not met anyone in their 80’s that wants to be known for their collegiate success. There is a longing within all of us to be defined by something more. 

There is nothing more in ministry than I want than to see lifelong followers of Jesus live the life God has set out before them. As I have said before, Allyson and I are incapable of doing this kind of Kingdom work without the love, support and investment of those of you who have agreed to come alongside of us. 

May you also think about the life that you are currently living. Are you living in the light of eternity, or are you basing your time, talent and treasure on worldly things that will one day rust away? I urge you to make a renewed commitment to living out Psalm 78:4 in your lives and may you have a Jesus filled story to share with your children and grandchildren.  

Till the whole world knows…..