Starting a new journey

Life is full of seasons and as Winter has melted away into Spring and Summer is quickly approaching Allyson and I have been reflecting on our personal seasons of life. Sometimes we experience the carefree nature of Summer and sometimes life is gloomy, dark and cold, like Winter.What has allowed us to experience and enjoy this past season of life is knowing that we are not alone.We are truly

grateful for the way each and every one of you have come alongside of us as we transitioned from Timberline Windsor into this season of “wandering in the desert”.We have learned valuable lessons in this season of life and are grateful for the opportunities God has opened up for us.You represent those who have come alongside of us in prayer and personal support. Every note,

call, text message and voicemail of encouragement has sustained us.Thank you just doesn't seem like enough, but from the bottom of our hearts,THANK YOU. I’d like to spend some time sharing with you some highlights of what your prayer and financial support has allowed to develop so far in 2015.