34 Million reached for Jesus in 24 hour hours.

 If I told you that it was possible to reach 1.4 Million people an hour for a full day, would you believe me? Well, that’s what happened last March and it happened through the platform of sports. Over the past 6 months I have developed a great friendship with the team chaplain for the Kansas City Chiefs, Phillip Kelley. Recently he sent me an email with this incredible story.

There is an annual conference called the PAO (Pro Athletes Outreach) for NFL players, wives and team chaplains. The conference speaker stood up and challenged the athletes to leverage their on-line platform as athletes to make an impact for the Gospel. He wanted them to see just how influential they were. 

One of the players had just filmed a short testimony video about how Jesus had changed his family.  The conference attendees were challenged to spread that video with their social media contacts.  In only one day (24 hours later) over 34 million people were reached by that one video! That’s over 1.4 million people reached for Jesus per hour for a full day.   

I have said over and over that the reason we have chosen to join staff with Athletes in Action is because we are convinced that athletes have an influential platform in our culture and if we can reach the world of athletes with the Gospel, they can reach the world for Jesus. 

This is what we are inviting people to be a part of. We have many people that have said “YES!” to joining us in this venture, and we are thankful. If you ever doubt that Jesus is at work in this world, remember that in March of 2015, there were 34 Million people reached with the Good News in only 24 hours.